Can Cold Laser Therapy Help with Arthritis Pain?

April 28th, 2021

Cold laser therapy, or low-level laser therapy, is a new trend for dealing with arthritis pain. This non-invasive form of recovery uses the natural healing capabilities of heat and light to repair damaged muscle tissue. Among those who have tried it, a few have even claimed that it has provided lasting relief for arthritis.

However, is this a fad, or a breakthrough form of therapy?

What is Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy harnesses the power and medical capabilities of infrared light to produce a low level of heat. This is then transferred to your muscles to manage aches and pain throughout the body. A cold laser therapy device is handheld, and it is unlikely to cause pain or discomfort during treatment.

Thanks to the ability of cold laser therapy to pinpoint damaged areas, many think it can be an effective solution for arthritis pain.

Does Cold Laser Therapy Work for Arthritis Pain?

Low-level laser therapy is a common addition to existing physical therapy for those suffering from arthritis. The treatment is painless and often produces results. The extent of these results will vary on your condition.

People who have tried it have claimed that they gained increase muscle flexibility, reduced muscle inflammation, fewer aches, and pain, and more. However, cold laser therapy is not an instant fix, nor is it a fix-all solution.

Cold laser therapy may take up to 6 months for the body to start feeling the full benefits. The people who saw the biggest benefits were also those who regularly attended physiotherapy. This is because a total care approach is the best way to relieve pain.

Total Care Health, based in Surrey, BC, offers science-based therapy in a compassionate environment. They have chiropractors, kinesiologists, physiotherapists, and massage therapists available to help you.

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