Total Care's COVID-19 Protocol

Total Care is all about health and wellness. So, the last thing we want is to make you sick.

We are carefully following the guidelines set forth by British Columbia Ministry of Health.

Some of what we’re doing includes the following:

  • Fewer persons inside the office at one time.
  • Having people wait in their cars instead of waiting in our waiting room.
  • Wearing masks
  • Having appointments by telephone and video conferencing where possible
  • Installing barriers if possible
  • Disinfecting frequently surfaces that are touched often.

Some of what you can expect:

  • Talking to you before your first appointment
  • Encouragement to use debit or credit cards if we aren’t direct billing
  • Fewer people in the office at any one time
  • Encouragement to wear a mask
  • Professionals standing further away when possible
  • No magazines in the waiting room area
  • Encouragement to have some visit by video conferencing where possible

Total Care wants to be part of the solution. We’re thrilled to be reopening and are carefully following the guidelines recommended for us by the province.

If you have any concerns about our COVID-19 protocols, please feel free to give us a call at (604) 930-0099, and we will answer any of your questions. Otherwise, book an appointment and let’s work together toward making you feel better.

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