Our Physiotherapy Service in Surrey and Abbotsford, BC

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also called Physical Therapy is a healthcare profession for helping patients to restore or improve or maintain their strength and flexibility in their muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones. Patients may have lost some strength or flexibility due to illness or injury.

The physiotherapist works closely with each patient or client to take a detailed medical history, identify problem areas, and then put together a unique plan of action tailored to each person’s individual case.

Physiotherapy Treatments

There are many types of treatments that may or may not be implemented depending on the individual case. The physiotherapist may tape or splint a painful joint. Special types of exercises may be recommended for you. The physiotherapist may use some massage or mild electrical current to stimulate some areas.

There are joint mobilizations or gentle, manual, passive movements that your physiotherapist may use. It all depends on your particular case, and what you need to restore or improve movement or reduce pain.

Your physiotherapist may suggest trying acupuncture or IMS, a method of stimulating muscle. There are also potential treatments for vestibular disorders, those inner ear problems that can lead to dizziness. All of these different treatments are determined when you meet with your physiotherapist and discuss your case and your goals.

At the time of your visit, your physiotherapist may very well give you some suggestions and exercises that you can do at home and/or between sessions to keep your progress going.

Your physiotherapist wants to see you improve. He or she wants to see a reduction in your pain, an increase in your movement and flexibility, and to help you to return to the activities or sports that you enjoy. Physiotherapy is a great way to ease you back into your normal life.

If you think you need a physiotherapist, then by all means, contact us at Total Care Health.

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