Treatment for Sports Injuries

Treatment for sports injuries and/or treatment of athletes is a special branch of physiotherapy. We are skilled and experienced at Total Care Health for these types of therapy, serving clients in our Surrey and Abbotsford, BC locations.

Athletes typically have finely tuned bodies that operate a peak efficiency. Muscles groups are well developed, and the clients also typically know their bodies well. An athlete is very preoccupied with getting back to their sport of choice, as fast as possible. However, that same athlete wants to be fully healed and does not want to keep reinjuring him or herself in the same way.

Physiotherapists that focus on sports injuries are aware of the high stakes when treating athletes and the treatment may be slightly different than for the person who just wants to take a walk in the park without pain. In the case of sports injuries, the physiotherapist or other medical professional is going to take a very detailed medical and physical history including the history your athleticism.

Then the physiotherapist will use any and all of his or her tools, exercises, experience, and peer-reviewed science to help you recover from your injury in the safest and fastest way possible. Treatment is always tailored for the unique and individual case at hand. We want you back in the field or in your canoe as much as you want that.

We are experts at treating sports injuries. Let us help you with yours. If you would like to talk to us about treatment for sports injuries, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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