Parm Serown

LOCATION: Abbotsford


Parm Serown has been practicing Massage therapy for nearly 20 years. I've been an RMT at Totalcare Health Abbotsford since December of 2012. I enjoy treating and educating my clients about their pain and achieving their goals in regards to their health and well being.

He use many different modalities which include:

-Ligamentous Articular Strain Therapy (LAST)


-Neuro-muscular therapy

-Muscle Energy

-Joint mobilization

-Myo-fascial treatment

-Sports Massage therapy

Working in multi-disciplinary clinic like Totalcare Health allows us to treat our clients with a team approach.

His aim is to customize each treatment to the specific needs of each client. He likes to emphasize the benefits of home care exercises and self care hydrotherapy when clients are not in our clinic. Over the years he found by empowering and educating clients about their ailments they tend to respond better to the treatment and heal faster and smarter with tools and more awareness about themselves.

Parm looks forward to meeting you and hope to help you along with your pain management goals.

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